George Andreadis, CEO

Before co-founding GammaZulu, George began his career at the London Stock Exchange where he went on to built and run new trading platform business lines. He then joined Credit Suisse, running strategy for its Advanced Execution Services team, which spearheaded major industry initiatives. He has a keen passion for adventure riding and building new businesses in financial services.

Matt Harvey, CTO

Prior to co-founding Gammazulu, Matt worked on trading systems at Goldman Sachs, he headed Engineering at Post-Quantum and was the CEO of LDN Labs where he and his team delivered tech stacks for a plethora of different businesses. He is a seasoned engineer with a passion for adventure riding and delivering solid tech solutions.

About Us

Built by professionals for professionals in evolving financial markets. We have built and run systems in some of the world's largest and most regulated financial institutions. We recognized that all asset classes need new technology in order to take control and manage investment risk and return on a global level.  

We are here to empower firms to manage and innovate their investment workflows so they can create new ways to streamline their businesses and grow their wealth. 

© 2023 GammaZulu

© 2023 GammaZulu